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Affordable Heating & Cooling Repair Service Hot Water Boilers

Hot Water Boilers

Hot water boilers offer a much more consistent amount of warmth while saving money over conventional heating methods. When you want complete warmth throughout your entire house and endless hot water, call Affordable Heating & Cooling. We're your Hot Water Boiler experts.

Conventional heating systems waste gases and considerable heat loss into the atmosphere - Hot water boilers achieve up to 98% thermal efficiency. When compared to the 70% efficiency of their conventional counterparts, hot water boilers are a wise investment.

ls your hot water boiler working as Well as it could be?

Run the dishwasher; laundry and take a hot shower at the same time! With a hot water boiler, hot water is always readily available. When you finish your hot shower the burner automatically shuts down, reclaims heat remaining in the boiler and delivers it to the hot water storage tank so no energy is wasted in the boiler.

A hot water boiler is utilized to heat water for a hydronic heating system. A hydronic heating system supplies comfort with hot water circulating to every room in your home. The system relies on a boiler, pump and baseboards connected by water piping. Water, heated by the boiler to temperatures between 120 and 210 degrees, is pumped through the pipes in baseboards located around the perimeter of your residence, supplying a thorough blanket of warmth.


Affordable Heating & Cooling have the experience, expertise and tools to design your perfect solution to home comfort. Call us today to discuss the many advantages of hot water boilers. You'll enjoy unfailing warmth, endless supplies of hot water and significant savings. There is no downside.

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